• The Instagram Story feature is already enjoying a high level of popularity. 300 million people use the stories every day and take their followers with them into their everyday lives. Basically, the Instagram story is about posting photos or videos that can be seen for 24 hours and then deleted again. But Instagram Stories give more than that. The content can be enhanced and made even more interesting with numerous features.

    The potential of Instagram Stories is great for both influencers and companies. Therefore, this feature should not be underestimated. If you look at the story behind it, it becomes clear: Since the introduction of the stories in 2017, usage has increased by 20% within six months. This includes the story content produced by users as well as the own consumption of other stories from friends, influencers, and companies.

    But what makes an Instagram story worth seeing? And which features can be introduced and how? In the following, we explain to you all about the topic “Instagram Stories”:


    1. What Makes Instagram Stories So Attractive for Influencers and Businesses?
    2. Why are Instagram Stories so popular with followers / Instagram users?
    3. Basic measures to optimize your Instagram story
    4. Instagram Story Features and How to Use Them Properly
    5. Tips and Tricks
    6. Summary
    1. What makes Instagram Stories so appealing to influencers and businesses?

    The term “scarcity” from marketing psychology immediately catches the eye. Since Instagram Stories is only available for a limited time, they appear particularly exclusive to followers. After all, accessing it is quick and easy. This can increase a brand’s attention; after all, it is precise because of Instagram Stories that you often come across new brands and their products by chance.

    In addition, Instagram Stories are ideal for expanding the reach. Due to the existing Instagram feed, a certain community already exists. The stories can also be used to gain additional followers. After all, they offer a large reach and broad target groups. Of course, these are best achieved when the story ends up in the Instagram Explore tab.

    Using numerous features (see 4.) within the stories, it is possible for both influencers and companies to point out something in a targeted manner. The following result shows that this influences the purchasing behavior of customers; for example, post brands stories on which products or offers are represented increases interest in the company by 62%.

    1. Why are Instagram Stories so popular with followers / Instagram users?

    Within an Instagram story, there is the opportunity to take your followers “live” into everyday life and to show yourself from a personal side. Proximity plays a major role for an influencer’s community, which is made possible with the stories. Whether recording a daily routine, news, or spontaneous impressions, the influencer can use the story function in many ways and thus supplement his feed. Ultimately, Instagram users want to be entertained by Stories, a feature that only the Stories feature can provide.

    According to a study by Facebook, there are 5 types of brand stories that users or consumers are interested in:

    • Stories with offers and promos
    • Short and easy to understand stories
    • Stories with tips and advice
    • Stories about new products
    • Stories that come across as authentic
    1. Basic measures to optimize your Instagram story

    What you basically need to know if you want to use the Instagram Story efficiently is examined in more detail below.

    • The question of how many stories should be posted per day comes up again and again. The rough guide value for this is 3, which should be taken as a rough guide. A story lasts 15 seconds, after which the next one continues. You can also upload longer videos from your media library, as Instagram now automatically divides them into 15-second clips. Another option for long videos is, of course, to use IGTV.
    • Videos should also be used more, which has a very simple reason – namely the “fingers crossed.” Photos are more likely to be pushed further than videos. This is because a video still has something in store for the viewer in the next few seconds, which in turn makes them curious. A photo, on the other hand, is often registered quickly and pressed further the next moment.
    • In principle, care must be taken to bring variety into the stories. In addition to photos, this means creating videos, boomerangs, or even collages. You can also easily create the latter without an app –

    How it works:

    • Create a background in the Instagram Stories by either taking a photo or putting color over the photo so that it is no longer visible (see 4.1).
    • Switch from the Instagram app to the normal photo app and copy the picture that should be in the collage
    • Then open the Instagram app again with your background, now your copied picture will appear on the left side, and you can drag it into the story
    • You can do this with each picture for the collage and arrange them accordingly in your story.

    Other ideas for more variety include:

    • You can also post inspo pics/videos for a change. This gives your followers an insight into your sources of inspiration but also gives them new ideas.
    • Will you be on other stories, e.g., B. tagged with good content by other influencers, brands, or followers, then repost it. This not only brings variety but makes your counterpart happy.
    • Also, post videos where you personally address your followers, telling them about your day or other news. The “personal” contact with your community is incredibly important and manages to bind them to you in the long term.
    • For example, start your story with an intro image every day of the week. You should keep the design of your story more consistent, but the images may vary. Your followers recognize you by your uniform design but still notice the variety in your Instagram story.
    • You can now share Netflix series in Stories using the iOS app. This allows you to communicate your personal Netflix favorites to your followers, which can help strengthen the personal bond between you and your community. It also serves to inspire your followers based on your preferences. Just tap Share on any episode or movie in the Netflix app. Viewers who also have the Netflix app installed and see your story will see the “Watch” button directly, which takes them straight to the series/film landing page. Share content from other apps, such as the B. de Spotify app or the GoPro app, is also possible.
    • Apps that help you with Instagram Stories: Unfold (design of the story), Hype Type (design of the story), Adobe Spark Post (design of the story mainly graphic elements), VSCO (image editing)
    • Don’t forget to save interesting Instagram stories that were well received by your followers in your highlights. This means that they can be called up again and again and, above all, are accessible to other potential followers.
    1. Instagram Story Features and How to Use Them Properly

    4.1 Bring color into play

    Whether as a background or in the text, with a little color, you can make your story a little friendlier and fresher. Do you have, e.g., For example, if you don’t have a suitable image at the moment and only want to use text for your story, you can make the entire background monochrome?

    How it works:

    • Take any picture with your camera
    • Choose a color for your background using the pencil icon at the top of the screen
    • Then press and hold your finger on the screen for a few seconds

    The same applies to your text. With a little color, you can emphasize it optimally. In addition to different font styles, which can be colored normally, you can also back them up with a color. This draws particular attention to what has been written:

    How it works:

    • Type into your text
    • At the top left is an A with stars, which you then tap
    • Now all you have to do is choose any color

    A little tip for choosing your colors: If you stay longer on a color component at the bottom of the bar, a color palette opens in which you can select even more specific colors.

    4.2 Include your followers

    There are several ways to interact with your community via Stories. These features are ideal for you to get the opinion of your followers and also show your interest in them:

    • Survey: The survey is the best way to get the perspective of your community. This can be, for example, the opinion of an outfit, your feed, or content. Your followers have the opportunity to choose between two answers. These do not necessarily have to be “yes” or “no,” as you can change them as you wish.
    • Questions: A popular feature to ask your followers specific questions. The advantage here is that your community not only has the opportunity to choose between answers but can fully express their opinion/answer. This also works in reverse. If the influencer asks questions about him, he can use the feature to publicly post the question and his answer.
    • Emoji slider: This feature also offers the possibility of letting your followers vote on something. The only difference is that your community has a broader range for their opinion and cannot “just” say yes or no.
    • Instagram Quiz: The latest feature that Instagram has developed for its story is the quiz. As an influencer, you can ask your followers a question here, and they have the option to choose between a, b, c, or d, a la “Who wants to be a millionaire?” Immediately afterward, the correct answer will light up in green. This feature offers the ultimate entertainment factor, which you can also use for sweepstakes.

    4.3 Customize your story with additional features

    In order to not “just” post a picture or video, all features are worthwhile to make your story more exciting and, above all, to get variety. The following options are available to you:

    • GIFs: You can add GIFs to match your topic. These underline your content again. You can also B. optimally use arrows to point to something specific or to swipe further.
    • Stickers / Emojis: This can also be used to underline your content. Stickers/emojis often convey certain feelings, which should lead to emotionally involving your followers. For some stickers, by tapping them over and over again, you can change orientation as well as color/pattern.
    • Music: Whether the latest hits or oldies, Instagram offers a wide selection of music to store your stories. Appropriate music both loosens up your stories and supports the emotion behind them.
    • Countdown: The countdown is a good way to draw attention to a competition or a discount campaign. This subconsciously encourages followers to take part again or to look at the website of the discount campaign before the time runs out.
    • Time/temperature: Real-time recordings make the Instagram story interesting for your followers. With time and weather stickers, you can engage your community with live stories that will make them feel involved in your lifestyle. This strengthens the bond with each other.

    4.4 Add features that increase your reach

    Your Instagram Stories also offers space for features that help increase your reach. This includes the location information, as well as the hashtags. You can use these to match your content and even change the color if you hold them down for a long time. Of course, links also bring you more reach. Be it the brand you are linking to or another influencer, either way, it will help you reach more Instagram users.

    1. Tips and Tricks

    In this section, you will find tips on how to further optimize your story in addition to the classic features.

    5.1 Use swipes up:

    Get the famous swipe up if you have over 10,000 followers or are a verified user/company. You get the chance to get a verified account if you fulfill at least the following points:

    • The account must represent a real person or brand.
    • There can only be one account per brand/person. Exceptions are accounts for individual international markets.
    • The account must be public.
    • The account must have a completed bio.
    • It needs a profile photo and at least one photo.
    • There must be no references to profiles on other social networks.
    • The person or brand must be well-known, frequently searched for, and represented in the media.

    With a swipe up, you can easily link to websites or YouTube videos, for example, and your followers can swipe up to the page. Simple but effective – after all, a swipe up is faster than going to the influencer’s profile first.

    How it works:

    • Once you have a photo for your story, tap the two brackets in the top left
    • A window will appear in which you can enter the desired link
    • It is best to point this out in your story to get as much traffic as possible on your link

    However, there are tricks to increase the number of your swipe-ups. Because with the following tricks, your followers will swipe up without noticing it at first:

    • An installed hair-on display – sounds ridiculous at first, but it is quite effective. But if you see a hair on your display, you instinctively want to clean it or wipe the hair away. This is where the track begins – you want to remove your hair, and the window linked in the swipe up appears.
    • Move symbols / GIFs: Invite your followers to play – as long as it suits the content, of course. That means, for example, adding a bouncing ball and a basket and asking your followers to swipe in (even if it’s not technically possible). Place it in such a way that the swipe-up still works, and the linked website opens when you try to hit the ball.

    5.2 Bring in posts from your feed:

    Use your story to draw additional attention to your feed. That is, refer to your most recent posts. However, do not show the post in its entirety in your story, but arouse the curiosity of Instagram users. Cover art of the image, or overlay a color (see above) and erase a small part with the eraser. You can also add emojis or add a call to action. It is important that you pack the story well. This increases the curiosity factor, and your post becomes more relevant as the activity increases.

    How it works:

    • Go to the post you want to post to your story
    • Then select the paper plane icon, which is on the left below the picture
    • A window will open in which you now select “Post to your story.”

    5.3 Shopping on Instagram Stories

    This feature is particularly interesting for brands. Since September 2018, it has not only been possible to shop quickly and easily via feed posts but also via Instagram Stories. The products in the story are marked with an Instagram Story sticker. If the viewer taps on this sticker, the detail page of the product appears, which in turn gives the opportunity to go to the website shop.

    1. Summary

    In the meantime, Instagram Stories have become indispensable on social media platforms. They support the activity on your account tremendously. Instagram Stories are even becoming the “future of communication,” according to Robby Stein, head of product at Instagramtraded, because sharing stories feels more natural. Since a lot can be achieved through the stories on a more personal level and, above all, the entertainment factor is great, Instagram Stories should not go unnoticed, quite the opposite. Precisely because the posts in the feed remain permanent and there is pressure from likes and comments, many Instagram users are increasingly using the stories, according to Robby Stein. The fact is, the path towards personal communication and authenticity takes its course with Instagram Stories and has come and gone.

    Source: https://gramst.com

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